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System and Database Management

We Produce Powerful Solutions with Our System and Database Management Expertise.

Building a strong and stable infrastructure starts with analyzing the requirements and choosing the system with the right criteria. We keep your infrastructure safe with our expert team in its lifecycle.

Database Management, Maintenance and Support Services

We provide database management, maintenance and support services to ensure that Oracle, PostgreSQL and other database systems can work uninterrupted and at maximum performance with our expert staff.

7x24 or 5x8 remote or on-site service depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Continuous monitoring of databases, defining metrics, generating alarms within the framework of proactive management principle
Performing regular maintenance and controls, submitting periodic health-check reports
Establishing backup infrastructure, creating and testing backup and recovery scenarios.
Establishing and managing disaster management systems (Oracle Data Guard, PostgreSQL Standby and Replication)
Monitoring and reporting of database log and trace files
Regular monitoring of database growth and resource planning
Database performance monitoring and performance tuning
Database updates and version upgrades
Migration to PostgreSQL database from other databases (Oracle, MySQL etc.)

System Management Services

The technologies used by a company to meet their needs must be compatible with each other, stable, uninterrupted and run with high performance.

With our expert team in IT industry, we provide system management services to meet many critical functions such as designing all layers from the lowest hardware layer to the top services in accordance with the purpose, selecting the right technology, making their installation, periodic maintenance, backup, recovery, creation of disaster scenarios and systems.

Operating System Management
Linux, UNIX and Windows operating systems management service
Virtualization Solutions
Providing Re-planning, Installation, Migration and Management services within the scope of virtualization needs of existing systems
Microservice Solutions
Architectural design, container (docker) configuration and management (swarm, kubernetes) service for cloud or on-premise environment
Configuration Management
Package and configuration management service on servers using tools such as Puppet, Ansible and Chef.
Monitoring & Alarm Solutions
To proactively control every detail of your infrastructure; we design, implement and manage the solution suitable for the needs of your infrastructure by using the systems such as Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
Log Management Solutions
Collecting scattered log files and instant events on servers with Logstash, API feed or specially written scripts and indexing them to environments such as Elasticsearch, Syslog. Additionally, providing interpretation and reporting services through products such as Kibana, Zabbix
Search Engine
Installation and management services of technologies such as Sphinx, Elasticsearch and search engine development support for situations where databases are insufficient in search operations
Cloud Solutions
Migration service of a part or all of your infrastructure to one or more cloud (AWS, Google, IBM) environments and end-to-end configuration, installation and management service
Queue Service Solutions
RabbitMQ cluster installation, configuration and management service, consumer and subscriber development support for processes that need to work asynchronously
Caching Solutions
Redis Cluster installation & management service and cache tools development support to manage widely used data

Business Intelligence and Data Mining

Data has become a valuable asset as a result of rapid advances in technology in recent years. Changing market conditions and increasing competition, push institutions to analyse their data, which is their most valuable asset, and make strategic decisions from the results. Organizations can now get to know their customers better or reduce their costs by using the data they have.

One of the most important steps in this path from data to information is “Business Intelligence“.

Business Intelligence is the set of strategies and technologies used by organizations to analyze and report their data. It includes steps such as reporting, dashboards, data mining, analytical reporting.
On this journey, we will encounter questions that we need to answer;

What happened?
Reporting and data exploration tools are often used to answer this question. A situation is defined by examining historical data.
What will happen?
In answering this question, usually predictions are made for a possible future event by using technologies such as predictive modelling, regression analysis, time series analysis and pattern analysis.
Neden Oldu?
When answering this question, usually technologies such as advanced analysis tools and data mining that examine the data in more detail are used. The main purpose here is to understand the cause of the situation that occurs.
What to do?
Technologies such as machine learning, simulations, and advice systems are often used to answer this question. This answer shows us how to best optimize a process.

Costs in this journey from data to information have reached more affordable levels with new generation products and cloud technologies. MEP Sistem is ready to offer you the most suitable solutions and services on this journey with its experienced team.

ETL Processes Sample View

Our company, which provides integration and consultancy services for products that are industry standards in business intelligence and analytics such as SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, Qlik Sense and Tableau also provides consultancy services for ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) products such as Talend and Microsoft Integration Services.