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Mep Sistem has been established with the experience, gained in the field of software and information technologies for years, to understand your needs, to help you focus on your areas of expertise, and to make you more efficient and successful in your business.

Company Profile

Software Development

By analyzing your requirements accurately, we develop software tailored to your needs. We also bring integration projects to life.

Consultancy Services
Mep System has decades of GIS expertise, along with leading information technologies and data management capabilities. We can provide innovative and cost-effective ways to meet your GIS needs. We are experienced in the development and implementation of ESRI ArcGIS or open source solutions.
Maintenance and Support
Developing or purchasing a software solution and integrating it into your corporate infrastructure are the first stages in your software system’s lifecycle. As Mep System, we offer a flexible and comprehensive maintenance and support program. Technical demands and issues are provided through the environments preferred by the customers.
Project Management
Our project management service specializes in planning, coordinating and running projects according to requirements. All activities related to end-to-end project work, from conceptualization to completion, are carried out.
Shift your focus back to core business functions and add our technology experts to your team. Mep System outsourcing services allow you to get back to work without worrying about whether your IT is working with full optimization or if there are costs that can be reduced.

Visualize Your Location Based Data With Our ESRI ArcGIS Solution.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a framework for collecting, managing and analyzing data. We develop industry-specific GIS applications and reveal the power of your data.

Natural Resources and Environment
National&Local Government
Our GIS Solutions

Design Your Fiber Network Plan

Design, view and develop your network systems with our Ericsson Network Engineer solution.

Physical Network Planning and Management
Wireless Network Planning and Management
Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS / BSS)
Telecom Solutions

We Produce Powerful Solutions with Our System and Database Management Expertise

Building a strong and stable infrastructure starts with analyzing the requirements and choosing the system with the right criteria. We keep your infrastructure safe with our expert team in its lifecycle.

Search Engine
Information Systems Monitoring
Logging Infrastructure
Cache Services
Business Intelligence and Data Mining
System and Database Management

We are ready to offer the solution you need with our expert team.

Geographic Information Systems, System and Database Management, Central License Management, Telecom Solutions and in many other areas,

we produce tailor-made solutions for your needs.
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We offer the most professional solution for the service you need in cooperation with companies that are experts in their fields.